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Another one Bites the Dust

Acacia PR announced today that Playboy has licensed the DMT patent in this Business Wire PR.

Acacia Technologies Licenses Digital Media Transmission Technology to Playboy Monday March 15, 7:00 am ET

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 15, 2004--Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG - News; Nasdaq:CBMX - News) announced today that its Acacia Technologies group has entered into a License Agreement for its Digital Media Transmission ("DMT") technology with Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Acacia has now entered into 118 license agreements for its DMT technology with companies in the hotel in-room entertainment, e-learning, and online music, movie, sports, news, information, and adult entertainment industries.


An interesting note, Playboy's internet video is being managed by Real Networks professional services. You would think Real would step in to help a customer, not to mention the thousands and thousands of websites out there that use Real Servers for their audio/video streaming.

Real Networks is not exempt from Acacia's DMT patent. Software like the Real Server, does not infringe upon the DMT patent, until you add content.

Real's Rhapsody service (downloadable music) and streaming video Premium Pass all clearly infringe the absurd DMT patent claims.

While Real has not stepped in to help Playboy out, it will have to jump into the patent fighting ring eventually, given SightSound's victory over BMG and USA Video's patent waiting in the wings.

"It was a business decision" is what the Playboy PR might read.

Real is no stranger to the courtroom as they are suing Microsoft. Judge Ware (the same judge presiding over the Acacia case) is involved. Read more in this Reuters article.


AVN article on Playboy licensing with Acacia DMT Patent.






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